3D/4D HDlive Platinum Package $180

Performed anytime after 24 weeks gestation (24-33 weeks recommended)

  •  25 total minutes of 3D/4D with HDlive™ upgrade included!  2D images also acquired during session
  • Listen/see baby’s heartbeat
  • DVD of entire session
  • USB of all images
  • Gender determination/confirmation upon request
  • If we are unable to determine the gender, we will bring you back for gender determination, only, within 2 weeks free of charge
  • 3 black and white pictures
  • (3) 3D color pictures
  • (3) HDlive™ pictures
  • 8″ Plush Recorded Heartbeat Stuffed Animal included!
  • 10% off return visit during same pregnancy
  • All add ons available for purchase

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